About Kevin

Kevin in his natural habitat, exploring the natural world.

With the family hiking in Washington this summer.

As a kid exploring with my biggest influence, my dad.

I'm a long-time resident of Del Rey Oaks, where I live with my wife, Kimberly, and our two children. I grew up in Southern California as the son of two college professors and spent every holiday exploring and camping in the parks up and down the state. Fascinated by the oceans from an early age, I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Ecology and Systematic Biology with a concentration in Fisheries and Marine Biology at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and then continued my studies by earning my Ph.D. in Biology from University of California, Los Angeles.

I have been an instructor at Monterey Peninsula College for over 20 years and teach environmental science, marine biology, general biology, and ecology and evolution courses. Previous to MPC, I taught full-time at CSUMB for three years, and prior to that was a researcher at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute studying the ecology of the Monterey deep sea environment. I specialize in deep sea jellyfish, have over 17 scientific publications, and have discovered and described 6 new species. I am also a founding member of Sustainable Del Rey Oaks, am the faculty advisor for the Monterey Peninsula College student Environmental Club, and participates on the professional advisory panel for Monterey Academy of Oceanographic Science at Monterey High School.