Kevin Raskoff for MPRPD

Kevin Raskoff for Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District

Endorsed by the Monterey County Weekly

"Raskoff has served the district well...his methodological approach and big-picture goals are a good leadership combination"

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Parks offer solitude in an increasingly overwhelming world. They are a place we can meet our friends, exercise our body and mind, and reconnect with the natural world.

I represent Ward 3 for the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District. This area serves the cities of Del Rey Oaks, Sand City, West Seaside, and most of Monterey. For the past three years as a board director, I have worked hard to improve the trails in Laguna Grande park. I have fought to increase both the protected areas and public access to an expanded Frog Pond that would more than double its current size. I also want to expand our services and options throughout the peninsula to make them more equitable to the large parks in Carmel Valley and Big Sur. Click here to read more about all of these goals and more.

If re-elected I will continue to focus on increasing access and opportunities for our residents and visitors to enjoy, conserve, and appreciate our regional parks. Our area is filled with natural beauty and incredible habitats to explore. From remote areas far removed from our daily lives to parks in our neighborhoods, the park district offers education, adventure, relaxation, and connection.

I am running to represent you for another four years and would appreciate your support! Please click above to read more about the issues I've worked on, the many community leaders that endorse my reelection, and how to contact me.

Map of Ward 3

Ward 3 for MPRPD.

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